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Work site for Thursday, April 20 – Report to 876 Tanyard Rd, Deptford Township, 08096 where we will be working on soffit, the front porch and maybe the rear landing stairs .

Progress from Tuesday, April 18 – At Tanyard Rd, a dual shout goes to Zach and Scott H for using the shop vac to get the standing water out of the crawl space that had accumulated before the roof went on.  It took a bunch of loads and working while bent over is not fun, but now that it’s gone we should have no more issues.

We poured the pad for the rear landing on the stick-built house and took the concrete mixer back to the warehouse:


Out front, we worked to brace the front porch.  Here’s Jose carrying a ladder while Bob is carrying a package of shims in his left hand.


After barging the front porch, we removed the temporary posts, installed the front porch ledgers, flashed them, taped the housewrap down, built the frame, suspended it on temporary posts, and installed joists until we ran out of material.


Next time we can finish the joists, install the joist hangers, install the standoffs and posts, and then deck the porch.


Once the deck boards go on, we can install the actual corner deck post and remove the temporary supports.

Meanwhile Jim Fordyce and his helper were out digging the sewer and water lines at 878 (the modular).  The soil there is like beach sand, so while there was a lot of digging, thankfully it wasn’t too hard:


We also installed then modular’s bathroom fan duct through the roof.  It comes vented into the eave from the manufacturer, and all that does is draw the moist air back into the attic. Moisture in an attic is a Bad Thing!

We also finished off the flashing on the windows and spray foamed around a few more of the interior windows.


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