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Work Site for Saturday, September 16: Report to 876 Tanyard Road, Deptford for interior and exterior punch list tasks such as final drywall, installing closet maid shelves, landscaping and painting shed. Please park in driveway area or along road as we will be grading and landscaping front of property. We can wrap up before noon to go see the modular delivery.

The Nelson street modular delivery is set for Saturday at about 11. For those who want to come out Saturday and watch the crane in action, please park on the adjacent streets as Nelson will be blocked.

Progress from Thursday, September 14: Our crew of dedicated volunteers reported to Nelson Ave to get the site ready for the modular delivery Saturday morning. Ken, John, Dan and Tom worked on setting the sill plate and anchoring it all the way around.

Outside the foundation, Joe, Harry, Alex, and Edras put the foundation drain pipe in place, then covered it with stone and fabric. It was a lot of hard work but the crew rose to the challenge. Gotta love these guys…. The inspector showed up as I was leaving and gave his approval on our work so far. At this point, we’re ready to take delivery of the new house. Thanks go out to everyone for their help in getting things ready on schedule. We couldn’t have done it without you.


  Tom’s homage to Walt!



Volunteer Coordinator