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Work site for Thursday, May 18 – Report to 876 Tanyard Rd, Deptford Township, 08096 where we will be working on siding and soffit

SATURDAY SUPERVISION?? – Team mentors – please let me know ASAP if you are available to supervise on Saturday.  Several of our regulars have other commitments and we have the Kingsway Regional HS affiliate scheduled to work.

Badge reprints – Please send me an email or text reminder if you need a badge reprinted; I have a couple of people who have told me this, but I have been busy lately and it’s hard to keep track of these requests otherwise.

Progress from Tuesday, May 16 – At Tanyard Rd, Rich A and John finished off the siding on the left side of the house – looks great, guys!   We also have the other side ready to go for the last row of siding and then it’s just a matter of finishing off the back of the house (and front upper gable):


Bob and Fred were out placing the electric boxes.  There will be some boring of holes and running of wires late next week!


We also made up a materials list for doing the front and rear stairs at Allen St and Scott went and picked those up.  If we have the manpower to spare we’ll try to cut the stringers for those tomorrow.



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