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Work site for Thursday, June 15 – Report to 876 Tanyard Rd, Deptford Township, 08096 where we have metal wrapping on the back gable and upper front gable remaining, as well as the roof on the shed.  We will also be at Allen St – partner family members should report there to work on the fence and yard.

Progress from Tuesday, June 13 –  It was another one of those days when you could work outside, drink 2-3 liters of liquid and not pee until after lunch.   Staying hydrated is key!

At Tanyard Rd, Tom, John, Dick and Zach worked on the metal fascia.  They finished off the lower part of the front and the other side of the house.  Only the front high gable and rear gable remain and then it’s gutter time for both homes!


Over at Allen St we had a lot going on.  The carpet installers came out to install the carpets in the home – so that means removing your dirty shoes from now on!


In the humid 94° heat, Walt let Edras and Scott (I later replaced Scott) in digging the post holes and installing the fence posts.  This was difficult because of the existing cinderblocks and roots, but with the help of our power auger and some genuine sweat, we got all the holes taken care of (except for one with roots in the bottom) and two of the posts:


Out front, Rich and I used strap hangers on the front porch stringers and then assembled the steps.  We also installed an Azek kick plate on the rear door, filled the Azek nail holes, and reinstalled a piece of siding that kept falling down.


Rich and Edras set up the refrigerator as well.   We were going to start the front porch railing, but we were missing some parts which I will either find at my local HD tonight or Mantua tomorrow….


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