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Construction Connection

Work Site for Thursday, November 16  – Report to 66 Nelson Avenue, Woodbury. Tasks include concrete work, siding and shed.

 Progress from Tuesday, November 14 – Tom reports: “We had a terrific turnout today at both the Warehouse and Nelson Ave. Bill, Gavin, Jim, Nancy and Lorri stayed busy doing their Christmas Pinterest “crafty stuff” while the rest of the crew worked at Nelson Ave.  Bob and Crew continued work on the front porch and it’s really coming along nice. Nice contrast with the house siding… John and I installed the last pieces of flashing over the fascia board on the left side of the house so all of the high work is now complete. Out back, Joe, Kevin, Bob D and Rich dug the footers and set the forms for the back steps. I also took some time to figure out the wiring and circuit arrangement. The electrical inspection is supposed to happen today so it won’t be long before we put the generator away for good 🙂 Thanks go out to everyone for a very productive day!”

Take a trip to P.J. Whelihans Thursday!!!



Volunteer Coordinator