Board of Directors

Board of Directors Board of Directors

Gloucester County Habitat for Humanity is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of volunteer board members from the community.  The Board is dedicated to achieving our mission of providing our community with safe and affordable housing for everyone.  We offer a “hand up” rather than a “hand out” to encourage all within the Gloucester County Habitat community the opportunity to participate by volunteering your time, talents and monetary resources.

Habitat accepts new board member applications year round. If you would like to be part of Habitat’s board of directors or have any questions please reach out to

Gloucester County Habitat for Humanity Board of Directors

Ronda Abbruzzese | Nexus Properties
Board President 
Fundraising & Marketing Chair

Why Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity?
The vision of Habitat, “A world where everyone has a decent place to live”, is one that resonates – and reminds me to be appreciative and to stay grounded. Life is full of twists and turns, ups and downs. Life is also about luck and timing. Yes, success should be earned and rewarded, but luck and timing play a part in all we do. I volunteer to give back, in a thankful way. Volunteers are the core of the Habitat organization, and I want to be part of the core that understands everyone should have a decent place to live…and call home.

Dan Paradis | Retired Sales Director 
Board Vice President


Why Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity?
After retirement, I joined the Gloucester County Habitat for Humanity Construction team and began the learning process of building affordable homes.  Working closely with highly skilled craftsmen and Partner Families was a great eye opener in witnessing the effect of volunteers coming together for a common cause. Wishing to get more in the organization, I was asked to join the Board of Directors and work with a group of dedicated professionals applying their skills to oversee the affordable housing cause.  The “win” of participating in this organization, is seeing a prideful Partner Family participate in the construction of their home and walking into their first new home.

Dick Woodward Ph.D. | The Business/Technology Interface, LLC
Board Secretary

Why Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity?
I have been a Habitat volunteer since February 2007, and after my first (of 3) retirements I was invited to join the Board, where I am currently the Secretary. I started to volunteer with Habitat because I enjoy building things (companies as well as houses) and I felt that Habitat allowed me to enjoy myself while helping those less fortunate than I.

Tim Golden
Managing Director (Ret.) Duff & Phelps, LLC
and Partner (Ret.) PwC LLC
Board Treasurer

Why Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity?
While continuing to participate in home construction, this Board position affords me the opportunity to use my 35 years of experience in the field of Finance to assist the Affiliate in its mission.


Board Members

Catherine Allen–Carlozo, CFP
HFM Investment Advisors
ReStore Committee Chair 

Why Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity?
Giving back to the community is the heart and soul of our nation.  Habitat for Humanity exemplifies the American dream, building houses to create homes for families.  This is done with love, dedication, hard work, and teamwork.  For me, I cannot think of a better way to volunteer my time and passion.  To participate in the building of the house to celebrating in the Habitation ceremony welcoming the families into their homes is, to me, the best way I can make a difference and being on the Board of Directors allows me to do that.

Bruce Roesler, Esquire
The Law Offices of Bruce H.E. Roesler, Esquire
Family Support & Selection Committee Chair

Why Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity?
Serving on the Board of Directors of Gloucester County Habitat provides an opportunity to further Habitat’s mission of believing that everyone deserves a safe, affordable place to live.

Bob Harris, VMD | Pitman Animal Hospital
Construction Committee Chair

Why Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity?
I believe strongly in the mission of HFH. I enjoy using my building skills for the betterment of others less fortunate.




Bani LaRiche
RE/MAX Preferred

Why Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity?
Because I want to give back to the community and I believe it’s a moral obligation for all people to help others.

Joe Brigandi
Brigandi Group Consulting

Why Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity?
I’ve always been passionate about GCHFH’s mission of providing affordable housing to our residents in need. Particularly, the requirement of sweat equity provided by the purchasers and the training provided to help them manage their finances so they can afford to pay their own mortgages. I also like the fact that there are many volunteers doing the work to make this dream come true for the new owners. I recently retired from my full time job and now have the time to devote to being a Board member.

Amar A. Agrawal, Esquire
Eisenberg, Gold & Agrawal 

Barbara Capelli
Energy Consultant/Real Estate Agent

Kristen Whyte
Rowan College of South Jersey

Why Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity?
As an educator and career counselor, my passion is empowering people with education and skills to achieve their dreams. Volunteering with Habitat for Humanity aligns with my core values of service and building a community where everyone has a decent, safe, stable and affordable place to live.