Meet Habitat Homeowners, The Russell Family

Meet Habitat Homeowners, The Russell Family

November 23, 2021

This is their story … Meet our Families

As a young married couple with two small kids finding the perfect home was at the top of our to do list! Because of my income and my husband recently getting his LLC we couldn’t purchase a home. We have been living with my parents and although they have a beautiful home there just isn’t enough room. We currently share a room with both of our children. Our bed, a toddler bed and a crib in one room just isn’t practical. We don’t have any space of our own and are looking forward to having our 3 bedroom home!


Because our children are so young they have no idea what it is to have a room of their own, decorated to their liking with all their toys and books, they are going to be so happy and that’s all we can ask for. Purchasing a Habitat home is literally life changing for so many reasons! A place for our children to call a forever home! Somewhere they will enjoy all of their childhood and make many memories. We are so blessed that we were chosen by the Family Selection Committee because without that none of this is possible! Its nothing like building a home for your children so when they are of age you can explain how you were on the job site actually building their house for them. We are so grateful for all the team members at Gloucester County

Habitat for Humanity and especially the volunteers who come out faithfully and spent many months working on our house nonstop. We want to thank Habitat for this life changing moment!

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