*must be cleaned / wiped off prior to pick up

Cabinets / Countertops

Only complete cabinets that are less than 20 years old, with all doors attached & drawers

We do NOT accept cabinet doors or drawers by themselves

*Must be free of rot and in usable condition



Must be in good condition, free of holes

Must not have rot, cracks or separating

*We do NOT accept shower doors


Electrical Fixtures / Lighting

*Must be in working order and clean, no rust


Only new carpet and linoleum will be accepted

Hardwood flooring must be in excellent condition and nail free

Must be able to complete small project

Currently Accepting:

Not Currently Accepting:

 Washer & Dryer

 Trash compactors


 Garbage disposals



 Small appliances


 Air conditioners


 Hot water heaters




 Range hood


Currently Accepting:

Not Currently Accepting:

 Electrical parts

 Fluorescent lights