Veterans Build

Veterans Build | November 7-11, 2022

Empowering military veterans through homeownership and camaraderie. Veterans Build

The Veteran’s Build brings together a cross section of veterans, local civic and business leaders, and volunteers to show recognition to the road home after military service. The road home can often be paved with these financial difficulties.  And at Gloucester County Habitat for Humanity we believe that our country’s veterans have made great sacrifices in service to our country and deserve our help. The camaraderie of  working along residents to build a Habitat home is a big impact to building a stronger community.  

Meet our future homeowner, Private First Class, Ana Toro, Army Reserve, Retired.

“Keep pushing, don’t settle” – the words that Ana Toro has lived by since she was a teenager. After graduating high school in 1996, Ana was determined to make a better life for herself and enlisted in the United States Army Reserves. For the next 8 years Ana served as a private first class in flight operations, a male dominated field. Ana was directed to handle the “grunt work” day in and day out. This only fueled Ana’s determination to succeed.

Fast forward to 2022, Ana is now a proud single mom of two beautiful daughters. Trinity, a fine arts major and Alina, a teenager, who is an inspiring hula dancer. Committed to playing it forward, Ana is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in social work. But, despite Ana’s determination she is unable to afford the one thing she’s dreamt about – a safe, stable place that is her own. Currently living in a very small 2 bedroom apartment, most nights Alina sleeps with her mom, as the 2nd bedroom is not big enough for 2 single beds. The apartment isn’t large enough to celebrate the holidays and there is no room for family activities. As Alina puts it,” I need my own space”

2022 Fundraising Initiatives

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate. Gloucester County Habitat for Humanity depends on the community spirit and generosity of those volunteering their time or donating their money to offset the high cost of home construction. 

1. Leave YOUR mark on a Stud

Sponsor a stud and leave your mark on a Veteran’s house in Woodbury. It takes over 300 studs to build a Habitat home. Stud sponsorships are open to anyone – businesses, groups, organizations, schools, YOU… the possibilities are endless! Donate $25 and leave your mark >>

2. General Donation 

Monetary donation you make empowers families to break the cycle of poverty housing. Donate here >>

3. Volunteer during our Veterans Build Week – November 7th -11th

Volunteer for a day of building our Veteran home! Here is your chance to raise funds and use your hands to build Ana’s home. By working alongside our dedicated construction team, regular volunteers, and partner families you will help us build while having a great time learning construction skills. Your commitment – By signing up to volunteer, each participant is committed to volunteering with us from 8am through noon (on the day you select) and fundraising at least $50 for affordable housing. 

Sponsorship Opportunities

Gloucester County Habitat is raising funds in partnership with local business women and their companies. By contributing to the event, your organization will share in the pride of supporting the needs of affordable housing. Click here for sponsorship information or contact Megan Varrell,