A Message from Gloucester County Habitat’s Executive Director

Message from the Executive Director,

As I move through this pandemic, I find that I miss so many things, most of all my mornings coming out to the job sites and seeing all of our volunteers.  Taking the time to catch up and just seeing the sense of pride and dedication you all have in our mission… I truly miss that!  They say this all the time but we will survive this and be back at it so don’t get too comfortable on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. 

I wanted to share a quick story …  I was sitting in my family room and looked over and there was a woman sitting on the couch…  She said she was my wife.  She seemed very nice!!!  Just a joke of course.

As it stands now, we are still closed to volunteers until further notice. Habitat HouseHabitat HouseOnce Governor Murphy gives the go ahead Habitat volunteers will be the first to know. In the meantime, at our Habitat House at 457 Allen Street concrete was poured and it looks great! Thanks to Walt, a Board Member with Gloucester County, for arranging with Fazzio & Sons. Also in Woodbury, 22 Carpenter Street is moving along as it can.

Bob, another Board Member who also leads Habitat’s Construction Volunteers and I meet to review a prospect lot donation in East Greenwich.  Finally, its unfortunate but due to guidelines the ramp project are shut down until further notice.

I thank you for your continued support of Gloucester County Habitat for Humanity. Without supporters, donors, volunteers and advocates like you we would not be able to build a better Gloucester County!  I want to wish you all a great holiday… stay safe and stay home.

Tony Isabella
Executive Director
Gloucester County Habitat for Humanity