Faith in Action

Put your Faith in Action

Welcome to Gloucester County Habitat Faith into Action program!

Faith-based groups are important partners in our mission. Building together allows entire congregations to put their faith into action. 

Gloucester County Habitat for Humanity is a unique vehicle for people to put their faith and love into action. Building with Habitat gives people of all faiths an opportunity to step outside their place of worship and create a community of compassion through service.

Our Faith in Action program bring members of local churches together to live out their faith in a new way.  Habitat calls upon all communities of faith to help with the mission of eradicating substandard housing and reducing poverty in our community!

Habitat believes everyone can use a hammer as an instrument to manifest God’s love. While we may disagree on many issues, we can agree that everyone deserves a safe place to call home. And when we work together to build homes, we begin to build a society defined by compassion, mutual respect, and unity. Experience firsthand how God touches the hearts of new homeowners- and the volunteers who work alongside them.

Faith in Action

There are many ways for congregations to get involved in Habitat’s Faith in Action program- both on and off the construction site. You can help:

  • Organize on-site volunteer days for your congregation
  • Make a financial contribution
  • Create a welcome basket or other special items for the family
  • Participate at ground-breaking and Habitat Home Dedication Event 
  • Form a prayer group for the Faith Build volunteers and Further home owners
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