Meet Habitat Homeowners Lisa & Destiny

Meet Habitat Homeowners Lisa & Destiny

July 10, 2020 

 This is their story … 

“In 2017 I suddenly lost my husband of 25 years unexpectedly, after that we had lost our house that we lived in for about 20 years. After loosing our house I didn’t know where my daughter and I were going to live. We were forced to move, and during that time we moved 3 different times within two years …

Then one day we had received a flyer about owning a home through Habitat for Humanity, then gave it a shot and applied and got approved to own a home through them. During our journey to earn our dream home we put in 350 “sweat equity” hours while working close with the volunteers and learned so much about building a home and teaching us everything we needed to know.

We are beyond grateful what Habitat for Humanity was able to give us a “hand up” into a house that we’ve worked on and are able to call our dream home! Thank you Gloucester County Habitat for Humanity for this unbelievable journey!”

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