Meet Habitat Homeowners, The Abouhali Family

Meet Habitat Homeowners, The Abouhali Family

Habitat Homeowners

January 5, 2021

This is their story …

To escape Morocco’s high unemployment rate, Khalid & Hakima Abouhali immigrated to the United States. First Khalid in 2004 and then Hakima in 2010, after becoming U.S. citizens and welcoming two children Saifuddin now 8 and Salma, 5 the Abouhali’s wanted to live a better life.

Living in a 2 bedroom, 800 sq. ft. apartment, Khalid grew tired of the lack of maintenance and insect infestation that took over their small home. But just like 8% of Gloucester County residents, Khalid faced the usual challenges of being a low-income worker trying to buy a home, with one big difference: As a Muslim, he was forbidden by his religion to pay interest.

The father of two thought his only option was to save enough money from his job at a warehouse associate to purchase a home outright.

Then he heard about Gloucester County Habitat for Humanity. For partner families like the Abouhali’s, Habitat offers zero-interest loans. A real blessing for Khalid and his family.

Through hard work, savings and 350 hours of sweat equity,  Khalid and Hakima have purchased a 2 story, 1,490 sq. ft., 3-bedroom home in the City of Woodbury. The home will give Saifuddin and Salma their own rooms to dream and grow, it’ll give Hakima the opportunity to host friends and family for Eid al-Fitr, the festival of the breaking of the fast, and more importantly it will provide Khalid a safe, stable home for his family. 

As the Abouhali family moves into their Habitat home, we would like to say thank you to Harbaugh Cottages who donated the materials, time, and project management in the beginning stages of the build. Funding was also provided by PSE&G.

Please make a donation to support Gloucester County Habitat for Habitat’s Homeownership program today. Your donation will help more families achieve safety and stability.